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Artist Name: Dan Deming
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I have worked all my life for my Art. Even before I left High School I was on to it. So since 1960 that has been my life.
At the Start I left Art School in 1964 and went every place I could think of and get to no matter how much money I had. I did any kind of jobs I could get. But as I learned about life I would hold up some place and paint 15 to 20 paintings then move on . These are all over the place now and every once in a while I run across one. I even have had whole Art Shows stolen. I haven't run across these yet. Even the first two paintings I did were stolen.
All this is in my work.
I may paint fast some times but even then it is not fast enough to put all I want in each painting. Over the years I've learned to allow each painting be what it seems to want to be. Each time I do that I find that that was what I really wanted to say after all. I never force a painting to bend to my will sort of speak. When I try that the magic leaves. But I have come back to works like that and revived them. Confronting a bad painting or blank canvas long enough will resolve and you know what to do next. Sometimes it can take many years even decades. Whole styles of painting have come to me this way.

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I do making it for you.
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I don't like to put up credentials .
If someone can't see all that in my work then credentials are not going to help.

Yes I went to Art School but that school has changed so much since 1964 it is not the same place.
Yes ! I have won awards and prizes too. But the real prize is getting done what I have so far.

I don't paint for prizes.
The prizes are the Art works.

I guess that makes me a cranky old man Artist.

I am now able to post much more Art .

You can always send me a message at

[email protected]

I will answer any questions you many have or just talk.
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